Google for Entrepreneurs contributes to build Wroclaw’s startups ecosystem


Poland’s startup potential is no longer a surprise. The country hosts remarkable European hubs such as Warsaw, but also well developed ones like Krakow and Poznan. Efforts to add Wroclaw name to this list are getting stronger.

On behalf of that –and taking the baton from Startup Weekend Wroclaw– the city was one of the 28 venues of Google for Entrepreneurs Week last Thursday, matching 14th Google’s birthday.

The event was truly useful for local entrepreneurs in terms of networking; learning from startup gurus; getting introduced to tools that make teamwork easier; and listening to local authorities support plans. It also featured three startup presentations, two of them from projects born at Startup Weekend events: BabbMap –winners at Startup Weekend Wroclaw– and Kantorama –3rd place at Startup Weekend Warsaw–.

Luis Rivera fired up the event with his presentation ‘Startup Revolution’, in which he defined what a startup is, its components, life and management.

Dawid Ostrowski (Developer Relations Program Manager at Google) showed and explained some of the tools that Google facilitates to developers in order to build, measure, enhance, start and monetize their apps. In the afternoon, his workmate Agata Szydlowska did the same about Google Apps for Business, tools that make teamwork way easier.

Before that, we listened to Chris Kowalczyk talking about the travel to success of some startups like Color, Milk, Instagram as well as the role of a VC. Everything can be found at ‘Valleywood: The startup ecosystem of hype’

After tasting a delicious meal at Wroclaw’s Google office, ‘theory made way for action’ and local entrepreneurs enjoyed listening new Wroclaw startups like above mentioned BabbMap or Kantorama, as well as 7Góra: “A computer game played far away from computer”. Early stage projects were a perfect warm up for Filmaster’s CEO Borys Musielak, who answered in a very didactic way to questions from Asier Ríos, one of the event organizers. As well, Borys wanted to share some tips about networking between entrepreneurs.

Local authorities support to Wroclaw startups and entrepreneurs is a reality, as stated by Marcello Murgia in behalf of Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency –as we experienced during Startup Weekend Wroclaw where they were one of the main contributors–.

Last but not least, Ziemowit Poniewierski provided useful insights about gaming startups and market.

All together, a perfect event to empower local entrepreneurship and boost Wroclaw as one of the booming European hubs.

Special thanks to Sofia Sharkova and Asier Ríos, Organizers of Google for Entrepreneurs at Wroclaw, for inviting Startup Weekend Europe to the event, as well as to Wroclaw’s Google office and volunteers who made us all feel like at home!