This was another ARRRsome Pirate Summit in Cologne


This year’s Pirate Summit in Cologne took place on August, 26 & 27 and as last year, the event was epic! The main organizers Till Ohrmann and Manuel Koelman as well as the complete pirate team did a great job again. It’s still one of my favorite startup events in Europe!

The summit was integrated into the Pirate Week so that everyone could find events for his interests. From Stuttgart, we (Daniel, Johannes & me) got to Cologne early in order to attend a small local Startup Weekend summit with Vidar from Cologne and Michal from Leipzig.

SW DACH_cooking
(photo courtesy by Daniel Bartel)

Furthermore, there was a Leancamp happening on Sunday. On Monday, finally two intense days began at the Pirate Summit with cool people, interesting talks and a familiar crazy scrapyard as location (Odonien). Big names of the startup and entrepreneurial scene attended to held inspiring talks, e.g. Renaud Visage, CTO of Eventbrite, and Evan Nisselson, investor and mentor at Seedcamp, 500 Startups and Techpeaks.

Pirate Summit stage

My personal highlight was the appearance of Titus Dittmann, the father of the German skateboard movement. After introducing skateboarding to the Germans at the of the 1970s and building up numerous skateboard shops, he founded Skate-Aid. This foundation supports children in countries like Afghanistan or Tanzania in their individual development and tries to offer a perspective in their lives by teaching them how to skate.  Another good talk was given by Marco Boerries of Number Four who talked about his three successful companies and how he got to found them. His key moment was – not a surprise – a visit to Silicon Valley as a teenager.

After two great days at the summit, we also attended the Pirates on a Plane event as the end of the Pirate Week – sadly without a plane this time. Nevertheless, we visited and got insights into some Coworking spaces in Cologne and got to know a lot of promising startups.

Our accommodation was also something very special this time: The White Rabbits Mansion. Highly praised by a lot of people last year, we stayed there this time. And we weren’t disappointed: the mansion is one of the coolest places I’ve visited in Cologne to date. It’s a mixture of coworking, hostel, coaching and feel good space. Really nice and highly recommendable!

The days in Cologne were really amazing. I met up again with many great people – also of the Startup Weekend community – and got to know a lot of new ones. Thanks Cologne!

[I also set up an album on Facebook for the Pirate Week.]